About Us


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In-home LCSW's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality mental health services for children, women and families. We are a full service private group practice of dedicated and experienced psychotherapists with extensive training in all areas related to children, family, pregnancy and parenting. Since it's opening in 2013, In-Home LCSW has provided services for hundreds of families.

In-Home LCSW was created with busy families in mind. We understand how difficult squeezing another appointment into your already hectic schedule can be, which is why we offer both office and home based therapy services! Children, especially those with anxiety or behavioral issues, feel much more at ease in their own home environment. Parents love that their family's needs are being met without having to travel. New Moms can finally take care of themselves and their emotional health without leaving their baby during such a sensitive time. Those who choose the office setting LOVE our relaxing, warm and inviting space. 

Each therapist in our practice is licensed and brings years of specialized experience and knowledge to In-Home LCSW, PLLC .  

To schedule an appointment, please call: 917-597-9270 or email Inhomelcsw@yahoo.com.