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 I would highly recommend Kristin. She is warm and caring and over the past year and a half has helped my daugher with her anxiety tremendously. My daughter looks forward to Kristin's visits and has really opened up to her regarding her feelings and the issues that she faces. Kristin has a gentle way with my child and uses methods such as imaginative and creative play to help her overcome her fears and worries. The transformation has been remarkable. The fact that Kristin is able to conduct the therapy in our home as also been very convenient for me as a working Mom and comforting to my daughter because she is in her own environment. Kristin is wonderful and has made a positive impact in our lives.

Kristin has been working with our 9-year old son for the past six months around separation anxiety.  From the initial meeting, we knew that Kristin was an excellent match for our family.  Her warm demeanor, thoughtful strategies, interactive learning experiences, realistic goals and supportive feedback make her sessions a welcome part of our busy lives- both for our son and for us.  As a result of Kristin's therapy, our son is now able to enter situations that we never thought possible with a toolbox of strategies to help him through his worries.  Additionally, Kristin's sage parenting advice has been highly supportive in navigating our role in separation anxiety.  We are lucky to have Kristin in our lives!​


My daughter was having anxiety issues in the 4th grade last Spring and that is why I sought help through a therapist at home.  Pam made weekly visits and was excellent with my daughter.  She listened and taught her strategies to help her effectively cope with the anxiety. These strategies my daughter still uses in coping with high anxiety situations for example during testing. 
 Pam's presence was so valuable.  My daughter started Middle School this Fall which was very anxiety provoking but Pam truly helped to make her transition as smooth as possible.  Pam was approachable, flexible and extremely professional and really developed an excellent rapore with my 10 year old daughter.  I would highly recommend Pam. 
Thank you so much for all of your help.

Kristin and her team of therapists have been a life-saver for me and my kids.  We went through a long, difficult divorce and having a therapist come to the privacy of our home was extremely comforting.  She worked endlessly to help my kids sort their feelings out, even reaching out on the weekends to check on their progress during some of our most trying times.  In-Home LCSW provided a safe and caring environment that helped enable my kids to smile again... I am so grateful for their dedication!

Our 6- year old daughter was having difficulty in managing her emotions and having meltdowns daily.  Trying to get out the door to go anywhere was quite a scene. My husband and I found ourselves extremely frustrated and very overwhelmed.  We were fighting and yelling all the time and it was beginning to affect our whole family.  When we decided it was time to find help, my husband searched the internet.  One of the biggest things that drew us to Kristin O’Rourke was that she provided in-home therapy.  Being in our home, Kristin was able to quickly establish a rapport with our daughter and also observe the dynamic of all the members of our family.  Kristin is a warm and friendly person.  She is also a great listener and provides support to both my daughter and my husband and I.  She has given us insight into the needs of our daughter and has offered practical strategies and tools for us to use.  Kristin has been with us for over a year and she has helped our family tremendously.  Kristin helped us to alleviate the high level of anxiety that was overtaking our lives and provided us with the tools and knowledge to make necessary changes.  This has led to, most importantly, a happier child, and a more peaceful household.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin about six months ago. She came highly recommended from a close family friend. I wanted Kristin's professional opinion regarding my 7 year     old son. He was having a hard time with his self esteem. He was always putting himself down and it truly broke my heart. I wanted to hold him and hug him and tell him how great     of a kid he is, but sadly I couldn't help my own child. So, I turned to Kristin for her expertise and guidance. Fast forward to now. My little man is a differed kid. He's happy!!! That means I'm happy. Kristin has helped him so much in such little time! I now have Kristin working with my daughter, who is 9. My daughter enjoys working with Kristin and looks forward to her sessions. I highly recommend Kristin O'Rourke to any parent who needs that extra bit of help. She truly has done wonders for both of my children.

 I called Kristin for help with my 7 year old daughter who had previously been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Kristin has been a big help to our family so far. The behavior chart she devised for our daughter is right on the mark, and we have seen definite improvement in our daughter's behavior over time. She has also offered a great deal  of support to my husband and myself, which we felt was lacking from other therapists. Instead of just focusing on our daughter's behavior, she has acknowledged the hard work that we have been putting in and validated the stress that we have been feeling. Also, we love having Kristin come to our home for the therapy sessions! It is so easy for us and the whole family can benefit from seeing her in our own environment. And it helps that I can get things done around the house, and my other children can finish up homework or  play while Kristin meets with our daughter.  

​Dear Kristin,
Steve and I wanted to write a quick email to express our gratitude to you for helping us with our son, Bruce. You and Bruce bonded immediately which made us feel very comfortable. You seemed to understand him quickly. Your interaction with him was perfect and your eventual prognosis and recommendations were invaluable. Since we share Bruce's weekends with his father, you also helped him through the issues that come up when dealing with dual families/households. We hope we can check in with you from time to time. With all our gratitude,
 -Anna and Steve

Kristin first came to us to work with our (then) six year old daughter. She was having a hard time with anger management. We saw a marked improvement within just a few of  Kristin's visits. Kristin made our daughter feel very comfortable and she was able to open up to her almost immediately. As time went on, and our daughter continued to show improvement, she started to work with our nine year old son. He was having some trouble with anxiety. Once again, Kristin was able to make him feel at ease. She is working consistently with both children now and we could not be happier with the work Kristin is doing with them. We have already recommended Kristin to a close friend and would not hesitate to recommend her services again.
-Ali and Chris

Having Kristin work with my daughter has been nothing but a pleasure. She made her feel comfortable and gave her hope that her anxiety could be controlled. Kristin is a  constant professional, she was very direct and honest that my daughter needed additional services. Kristin made sure that she received the best care. I would recommend In-Home LCSW to any parent that has a child struggling.

From the time Kristin arrived, she put our mind at ease. Kristin is professional, caring and provides a fantastic service. We would be lost without her.

​When my wife passed away suddenly, I was very concerned for the well being of my 12 year old daughter. She was having difficulty expressing her feelings over the loss of her  Mom and I felt she needed to talk to someone. Although she was a little resistant to the idea, Kristin's warm and friendly personality made her feel comfortable right away. Kristin was kind and patient with my daughter, giving her the time and space she needed to open up about our loss. She helped my daughter talk about her feelings, which improved  our relationship. I told Kristin that she brought us closer by teaching my daughter how to express herself. I would highly recommend In-Home LCSW.

 Kristin is so easy to relate to. Her sincere, caring way is so welcoming and you instantly feel supported. 

We needed assistance with our son who was diagnosed with ADHD.  Kristin and her therapist Jessica not only provided therapy to our son but also counseling and invaluable information to us.   Kristin went above and beyond providing guidance.   Our family highly recommends In-Home LCSW!