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Covid Guidelines and Protocols


Mental health services for children, women and families

Beginning on Tuesday, October 13th, In-Home LCSW will resume in person sessions.

Clients who have their sessions in the office must fill out our Covid Screening Questionnaire PRIOR to entering the office and show their therapist the results, which can be found in their email. 


Access the Questionnaire HERE

                                                      In-Home LCSW Covid Protocols

Effective October 2020


Waiting room

Until further notice, clients can only be accompanied to the office with one adult. No siblings will be allowed to sit in the waiting room. If a parent must bring children to the session, they can wait in their car and pick up their child at the end of their session. 

Waiting room chairs are limited due to social distancing. 

No eating or drinking in the waiting room. 


All clients and accompanying adult must have their temperature taken upon arrival by their therapist. No adult or child is permitted to participate in therapy if their temperature is 100.4 or higher.

Covid Screening

All staff and clients must fill out and submit the online Covid screening form before entering the office. Results will be sent to client email and shown to therapist.



All clients must wear a mask at all times when in the office. Clear masks will be provided by In-Home LCSW for children and stored in a labeled bag in our supply closet. 

Hand Sanitizer

All clients must use hand sanitizer immediately before and immediately following their session. 

Positive Clients or staff

If a client or staff member tests positive for Covid and has been in the office within the last three days, our office will shut down for 48 hours to be thoroughly cleaned. The client or the staff member who has tested positive will not be cleared to return to the office for two weeks following the positive result. 


Effective October 2020

Temperature log

All staff must take their temperature upon arrival at work and record on provided temperature log located in the staff room. 


All staff must wear a mask or face shield at all times when in the office. Clear masks and face shields will be provided by In-Home LCSW. 

Hand Washing

All staff must wash their hands thoroughly before and after each therapy session and after using the restroom. Hand sanitizer will also be provided. 


All staff must wipe down tables and any shared supplies after each session. All staff must wipe down door knob handles and light switches in their assigned  therapy room before exiting for the evening. 

Shared Supplies

Unless objects can be thoroughly wiped down after use, shared supplies such as games, cards, dolls, stuffed animals, blocks are prohibited until further notice. 

In-Home LCSW will provide large ziplock bags to create individual client supply bags. Supplies such as play dough, markers, crayons, paint, playing cards and crafts will be provided. These bags are to be labeled and kept in the office. Children are not to bring them home. 


In-Home LCSW has a private bathroom located inside of the suite that will only be available for staff member use at this time. Clients will be able to use the hallway public bathrooms. Staff must do their best to help keep the bathroom clean and neat. Please wipe down the toilet seat and sink handles after use.